We offer a complete line of grocery products, health and beauty care products, candy, cigarettes and tobacco, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, deli, food service products, Hispanic Foods, store supplies, and general merchandise.

Our inventory includes national brands and private label. All of this is available on a single delivery. We supply more than 7,000 accounts, most of which are concentrated in the greater Chicago area, and across Indiana, , Michigan and Wisconsin.

Our 350,000 square foot main distribution center serves as the picking area for your orders. The center also features a 20,000 square foot freezer and a 16,000 square foot cooler to support the refrigerated and frozen food programs. Ice Cream products are maintained in a separate freezer at -20 degrees temperature. A separate area of the center is available for customers who pick up their orders.

We also operate a 120,000 square foot facility for reserve stock, health and beauty care products, sundries, general merchandise, grocery items that are available in single unit sales. Our four self- service centers are conveniently located throughout the Chicago area, with one additional location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.