Parade Products

Dearborn is the exclusive distributor in our region for Parade Products. Parade features a complete line of national brand equivalent products. Your customers will be pleased with the quality and value of Parade products.

Milk and Ice Cream

Through our volume buying, we are able to offer affiliated retailers a competitively priced program on milk and ice cream products. Our dairy program offer advantages that will help you offer a full range of products at competitive prices. We also feature attractive merchandising assistance and sales promotion programs for all dairy and ice cream products.

Hispanic Products

Dearborn offers a full line of authentic Hispanic products. We have all of the products from Mexico that your customers need. Dearborn support stores that service Hispanic customers exclusively.. We can also support stores that service a mixed customer base.

Food Service Programs

From brewing coffee in the morning, serving that sandwich for lunch, or making a pizza for your customers' dinner, we offer many programs designed so you can offer a full fast food and snack program. We also offer a full line of supplies, disposables and equipment for helping you maintain a food service program.


We supply frozen meat products. Contact Dearborn for more information and current pricing.

Bread Program

Our volume buying also allows us to offer affiliated retailers a competitively priced bread program on branded as well as on our Parade "quality" bread products. Contact Dearborn for more information.

Coupon Redemption

A top-quality retail coupon program designed to help you eliminate the hassle of coupons and return more dollars to you faster. A simple application is all that is required. Money Orders The Dearborn Wholesale Grocers and Travelers Express Money Order program is a packaged turn-key, full service program available to affiliated retailers with all the advantages of volume purchasing power.

Miscellaneous Services

We have many other programs that may fit your needs. We offer a selection of phone cards that will add incremental sales for your store. Also, we can assist you in bringing an ATM to your location. Contact Dearborn for more information on any of these programs.