4 of Dearborn's 5 self-service cash & carry locations are conveniently located throughout the Chicagoland metropolitan area with one additional location in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Our facilities are all sized for quick, efficient shopping. You can usually park just a few steps from our front door and begin your order selection immediately. You will finish with our fast checkout procedure.

We feature most items in half-case lots to help you get the most purchasing power for your money, while allowing you to stock a wider variety of products to properly merchandise your store. We feature all of the name brands as well as an excellent quality private label known throughout Chicago as the PARADE brand. This is a label that has experienced tremendous growth in the last 5 years and has both name and visual recognition.

We advertise a wide variety of popular items in our bi-monthly sales flyers. Dearborn has the greatest variety of candy available in the Chicagoland area. Our selection of cigarettes, cigars, and tobaccos is as extensive as you will find anywhere.

Our facilities are backed up by about a half million square feet of warehouse capacity. If you have special order needs, we can have it for you usually for next day pickup. Our 40 years experience in the cash & carry business has earned Dearborn a reputation for quality, service and selection. And, as always, no membership fees or minimum orders required.

The following table lists the 5 Cash & Carry locations:

Cash & Carry Locations
 1849 W. 79th Street 
 (773) 487-5656 
 Chicago, IL 
 2455 S. Damen 
 (773) 733-7020 
 Chicago, IL 
 918 W. Montrose 
 (773) 728-7500 
 Chicago, IL 
 4525 W. Madison 
 (773) 378-5353 
 Chicago, IL 
 1035 W. Bruce Street 
 (414) 383-4300 
 Milwaukee, WI